Summer 2020 Clinic Guidelines

Guidelines for Upcoming Programs

Before Arrival

  • Encourage people to pay online before arrival.  No walk-up pay
  • Participants with any signs of illness should not show up to on-ice activities and/or facility
  • Players should bring and label their own water bottles
  • Parents should be aware a coach is prepared to require that a player leave if they are showing any signs of illness during a session
  • Players should come fully dressed in equipment (including skates if they have the proper skate guards)
  • Players/parents arriving will be asked to come through a certain entrance so players leaving can exit through a separate entrance
  • We ask that one parent bring their child to the rink to drop off.  If they must stay for the session, follow rink guidelines for spectators in the facility
  • Do not enter the building until 15 mins prior to your scheduled ice time
  • Locker rooms will be closed, if you need to put on skates or any equipment, find designated areas at least 6 feet away from other families/players (Depending on facility guidelines)

On-Ice Practices

  • Reinforce to players and coaches the need for physical distancing
  • Keep players at a distance when standing in line or part of a smaller station
  • Coaches will be aware of not talking too close to players faces
  • Players should only touch and utilize their own water bottles
  • When leaving the ice surface, players will be excused one by one through the same door to maintain distance.  Or players will be dismissed through different doors on the rink if opportunity is there
  • Minimize any chalk talk sessions where players could congregate
  • Avoid using the benches, but if necessary, have players sit at a safe distance from one another
  • No handshakes or hugs after goal celebrations

Off-Ice Practices

  • When players leave the surface for any breaks, no use of locker rooms.  Sit at a safe distance around the rink
  • Players must drink/eat own food or drink
  • Vending machine usage will not be allowed so plan for that
  • Players can not congregate when off the ice
  • Players/parents can not congregate in the rink when sessions are over, they must exit immediately through designated exit areas
  • Players/parents should disinfect helmets, sticks, skates after each session
  • Players/parents should wash all jerseys, pants (shells), socks, and gloves after each session