3 on 3 Cross Ice League

Erik Nates Euro Hockey has developed a spring league that will give each player the opportunity to enhance their skill level, cultivate creativity and most of all, enjoy the game.

The league is designed to break down the game to its most basic form: Individual Skill Development & Small Area Games.

The league will consist of 1 practice per week focusing 30 minutes towards skill development and 30 minutes on small area games. League games will be played once per week in a cross-ice 3 on 3 round-robin format. Every team roster will be limited to 10-12 players.


Each practice will focus on Skill Development and game awareness through the use of small area games.

The skill development part of practice will work on areas such as: skating, edge control, agility, puck handling, puck protection & acceleration. Each player will be taught skills each practice and through repetition, be challenged to the best of their ability.

The small area games will be a useful tool to help players develop game awareness and puck handling skills by shrinking the ice allowing players to get puck-touches, stay involved in the play more often & learn to make quick, effective decisions with and without the puck. In these small area games, we will stress the importance of puck protection, puck possession, give & go’s and most importantly movement of each players feet with and without the puck. Players will learn about supporting the puck, supporting their teammates and giving them outlets in game situations.

League Games

Total of 8 weeks of Round Robin 3 on 3 play, each team will play three cross-ice/half-ice games against all opposing teams in their division during their game slot. During these games, we will stress the importance of creativity, teamwork & competition. The Final week will be a playoff format depending on divisional standings.

League Format

Each player who is registered will be placed on a team within their division and will be given their team jersey & socks at the first practice. The schedule for the 3 on 3 Spring League is posted on our website. There are 2 NY Leagues(Ice Hutch & Playland Ice) and schedules posted on the site, feel free to call our office 914-939-4563 with any questions.


  • The Ice Hutch – Mt Vernon, NY
  • Playland Ice  –  Rye, NY

NY Divisions – Ice Hutch

  • Mites (13’s, 12’s, 11’s)
  • Squirts (10’s, 09’s)
  • PW/Bantam (08’s, 07’s, 06’s, 05’s)

NY Divisions – Playland Ice

  • Mites (13’s, 12’s, 11’s)
  • Squirts (10’s, 09’s)
  • PW/Bantam (08’s, 07’s, 06’s, 05’s)



The ENEH Spring League will begin the week of April 1st and run through May 23rd. Schedules are posted on site.

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