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The Sound Shore program

Our highly successful program is looking to continue to provide exposure for the area’s top players. The Sound Shore program draws players from a large talent pool, and strives to develop that talent, allowing each individual player to maximize their potential. Every member of the program will be challenged throughout the spring to develop their individual skills, while also learning valuable team concepts.

Tryout Schedule

3 Competitive Tournaments

Past Tournaments have included:

  • Philly Shootout
  • Shelton Shootout
  • Doritos Spring Challenge
  • Aston Memorial Day Weekend Tournament

Enjoy the Experience

In the past nineteen years the program has experienced tremendous success. We have won tournaments at every age level, as well been able to showcase individual talent that has opened up opportunities for players in their fall/winter seasons.

15 Total Practices

5 practices will focus on team oriented concepts (systems, positional play, and in-game situations)

5 individual skill development practices under the direction of Erik Nates Euro Hockey.

5 small area games/controlled scrimmage practices to breakdown game concepts and game situations.


Game jerseys, practice jerseys, and socks will all
be provided.


In addition to the players selected for each team, alternates will be carried on each roster to participate in practice.

The alternates will have an opportunity to continue their development in each practice, while working to push the players on the tournament roster. Alternates may have an opportunity to be taken to a tournament during the spring.

Coaching Staff

The program will be under the direction of Erik Nates, Tim Turnbull, Rob Molinaro and Mike Cambria

Other members of the coaching staff will be comprised of individuals who have played at the Division 1 or Division 3 collegiate level, as well as some of the area’s top youth hockey coaches. All members of the staff have tremendous backgrounds in the game of hockey, both playing and teaching.

2023 Tryout Schedule – All Tryouts at The Ice Hutch

2007/2008Thursday March 9th8:20pm - 9:20pm
Monday March 13th8:20pm - 9:20pm
2009Monday March 6th8:20pm - 9:20pm
Monday March 13th7:10pm - 8:10pm
2010Tuesday March 7th7:30pm - 8:30pm
Tuesday March 14th6:20pm - 7:20pm
2011Monday March 6th7:10pm - 8:10pm
Monday March 13th6pm - 7pm
2012Tuesday March 7th6:20pm - 7:20pm
Tuesday March 14th5:10pm - 6:10pm
2013Monday March 6th6pm - 7pm
Thursday March 9th7:10pm - 8:10pm
2014Tuesday March 7th5:10pm - 6:10pm
Monday March 13th4:50pm - 5:50pm
2015/2016Monday March 6th4:50pm - 5:50pm
Thursday March 9th6pm - 7pm

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