The European style of hockey is widely admired for its emphasis on precision and technique. It has also come to influence the way the game is played across North America, from the NHL to college, high school, and youth hockey. Hockey now demands that players have skills like agility, speed, balance, and edge control, and perfecting these skills is a point of emphasis in every player’s training and development.


Erik Nates Euro Hockey Training System

At Erik Nates Euro Hockey, we understand the importance of proper technique, and we challenge students to be creative with everything they learn. Through unique, specially designed programs, we help players of all levels sharpen skills like skating, shooting, stick handling, and more—and improve in all aspects of the game.

The Erik Nates Euro Hockey system is comprehensive, intense, and focused. Drawing on traditional European methods, we use structured drills and innovative on-ice equipment to improve each student’s individual skills, including skating stride, agility, edge control, body control, balance, stick handling, passing, shooting, and checking.
Technique, repetition, and speed

By understanding these fundamental techniques, players of all ages and levels learn to become more complete hockey players. First, we break down each skill in a focused, controlled environment. Then we help students understand and master it through repetition. Finally, we incorporate speed to give them the edge over the competition.

We believe that the best place for hockey players to develop their game is on the ice. That’s why we’re committed to maximizing ice time at all our camps and clinics, and personalizing our programs with instructors who can relay the proper messages to these students and have fun.

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