Train To Be The Best From Anywhere!

We are offering live online zoom virtual training sessions as we will continue to deliver and offer the best training around. Each session will have our staff displaying the drills for the students and then we will offer feedback to the students as they perform.


Students will need the following for each class:

Individual High Energy Teaching

Individual instruction, and high energy participation in every aspect of the game. Come feel the energy!

Virtual Classes

If you have credit on file, or a class is sold out, please email us to reserve a spot at

Virtual Classes  will incorporate balance & strength work along with plenty of stick-handling.  Space will be limited.  Scroll to bottom to see availability.

Coach Mike breaks down the quick shift!

Coach Mike discusses the quick shift, exploding off your foot and finishing your stick handle.

Breaking down the skating stride with Coach Rob!

Coach Rob takes you focusing on your knee bend, full extension and recovery.

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