ENEH will offer many different clinic options for players to develop their individual skills throughout the season. The hockey season is long and many players/teams spend most of the year working on team concepts/game strategy and time is lost throughout the year on building the individual player. Our clinics throughout the year, whether it is during the Holiday Break, February Vacation, Spring Break or just our tune-ups before tryout season in the spring, will give the players an opportunity to work on their own game. We will stress the importance of developing and maintaining your individual skills and provide each player with the proper techniques & repetition. Students will be challenged to the best of their own abilities at all times with ENEH.

Train to be the Best

All season Clinics

Spring Break Clinics

Hone your game awareness and improve your skills over Spring break

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February Clinics

Develop proper shooting & skating techniques over February break

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Holiday Clinics

Mid-Season Tune up to keep skills fresh!

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Pre-Tryout Clinics

An opportunity for players to sharpen their skills heading into tryouts!

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Each clinic we offer throughout the year will be specialized towards certain aspects of the game

Skating Techniques

Skating is the most important part of the game; it is the foundation for everything players do. We help students improve their skating stride, agility, edge control, and backwards skating.

Puck Handling

We teach students the proper wrist roll, hand extension, and flexibility skills they need to control the puck. Students first develop their techniques in a stationary, controlled environment, then incorporate movement and speed to take their game to the next level.


We break down the techniques students need to develop more power and accuracy while shooting. We teach the wrist shot, snap shot, and backhand and slap shot. We also emphasize weight transfer, body control, flexibility, and accuracy, enabling students to become more efficient with every scoring opportunity.

Game awareness

Hockey is both a physical and a mental game. Players must not only develop skills like skating, shooting, and stick handling—they must also learn to make swift, effective decisions with and without the puck. Through the use of small area games, we help students improve their decision-making skills and strengthen their game awareness.

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