Summer Clinics

Take your game to the next level


Total Skill Development

Developing the Complete Hockey Player! Our program offers the most complete & intense training system around, drawing on traditional European methods to help students improve individual skills such as skating stride, agility, balance, edge control, body control, stickhandling, passing, shooting and battling.


Defensive Skills/Battling

Our Defensive Clinic will help our students, both forwards and defensemen, learn the importance of defensive responsibilities. This camp will emphasize keys to becoming a better defensive hockey player, such as body positioning, learning the d-side of the puck, stick positioning and gap control. The skating emphasis will include backwards, pivots/transitions, and angling.  All players will engage in a variety of battling drills where they are encouraged to be more confident and aggressive in these game type situations.


Stick Handling

Our Stickhandling/Shooting session focuses on helping students become more confident and creative with the puck and increase their playmaking abilities. First, we teach students the proper wrist roll, hand extension, and flexibility skills they need to control and shoot the puck. Students then learn proper stick handling techniques through focused instruction and innovative stationary drills that are repeated until students master them. Finally, we incorporate speed and teach students a variety of one-on-one maneuvers that can be used in game situations.



We also break down the techniques students need to develop more power and accuracy while shooting. We teach the wrist shot, snap shot, and backhand and slap shot. We also emphasize weight transfer, body control, flexibility, and accuracy to enable students to become more efficient with every scoring opportunity.

Sample Daily Schedule

Our programs vary in intensity from 12 to 20 and even 25 hours on the ice. Below is a sample schedule for our most intensive full day program.

9am – 9:55amPower Skating Equipment
10:05am – 11amStickhandling/Passing
11am – 11:30amShooting
11:30am – 12:25pmLUNCH**
12:30pm – 1:25pmTechnical Skating (Striding, backwards, agility, etc.)
1:25pm – 2:10pmGame Situations/Small Games/Battling
2:20pm – 3pmControlled Scrimmage


* The 20 & 12 Hour program is a minimized version of this schedule.

**Students are to bring their own lunches to all clinics.


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